Ericson Award

2015 Dick Ericson Award

Michael Buras, CSFM, Longwood Cricket Club, was awarded the 2015 Dick Ericson Award.

Michael has been cited by his peers as a true pioneer in the field. Open to new ideas, he often partners with other professionals and always listens to his staff when implementing new management practices. Michael is well-known for developing a very effective program of teaching and training staff.  Due to his effort, many have moved on to management positions at other facilities. Michael is always humble, and is in a leadership position in his chapter, where they re-engineered its major field day with a focus on long-term financial viability. Michael has served on many STMA committees and is a true ambassador for the association. He has won awards including the prestigious Sporting Grounds for his well maintained, natural grass facilities. 

Previous Dick Ericson Award Recipients 

2014 - Tony Leonard, Philadelphia Eagles (PA)

2013 - Rich Watson, Pine Hill Schools, Sewell (NJ)

2012 - Amy Fouty, CSFM, Michigan State University Intercollegiate Athletics, East Lansing (MI)

2011 - Darian Daily, Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati (OH)

2010 - Mike Trigg, CSFM, Waukegan Park District, Waukegan (IL)

2009 - David Rulli, Jeffco Stadium, Lakewood (CO)

2008 - Mike Tarantino, Poway Unified School District, Poway (CA)

2007 - Donald Fowler, PSU Extension (Retired) (PA)

2006 - Mike McDonald, CSFM, Turf Manager, University of Minnesota (MN)

2005 - Floyd Perry, Owner, Grounds Maintenance Services, Orlando (FL)

2004 - Steve LeGros, GCA Service at the University of New Hampshire (NH)

2003 - Pat White, City of Hollywood (FL)

2002 - Eric Adkins, CSFM, Michigan State University (MI)

2001 - Heather Nabozny, Detroit Tigers (MI)

2000 - By Hanson, Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)

1999 - G.C. (George) Trivett, Granite Falls Middle School (NC)

1998 - Ross Kurcab, Denver Broncos (CO)

1997 - Merton Johnson, Cal State/Fullerton (CA)

Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Roster for current listing

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