Ericson Award

2013 Dick Ericson Award


Rich Watson of Pine Hill Schools in New Jersey received the 2013 Dick Ericson Award for his contributions to the industry.

Rich has been heavily involved with his chapter, Sports Field Managers Association of New Jersey (SFMANJ), for many years, even having served on its board of directors. Reporters have noted the exceptional quality of his fields – with one even calling a particular field of Rich's “…one of the very best in the state (of New Jersey).” Professional colleagues have noted and appreciated his focus on incorporating cutting-edge, sound environmental management practices into his sports field maintenance programs. 

Rich is an environmental leader and has contributed his expertise to STMA through his service on the association’s Environmental Committee. In addition to all this, he also regularly presents at local, state and national events. Rich stepped up as a voice of reason and provided leadership when irrational regulations affecting the profession were nearly implemented in New Jersey.  

Rich is pictured (right) receiving his award from STMA Founder Dick Ericson (after whom the award is named) and 2012 winner Amy Fouty.


Previous Dick Ericson Award Recipients 

2013 - Rich Watson, Pine Hill Schools, Sewell (NJ)

2012 - Amy Fouty, CSFM, Michigan State University Intercollegiate Athletics, East Lansing (MI)

2011 - Darian Daily, Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati (OH)

2010 - Mike Trigg, CSFM, Waukegan Park District, Waukegan (IL)

2009 - David Rulli, Jeffco Stadium, Lakewood (CO)

2008 - Mike Tarantino, Poway Unified School District, Poway (CA)

2007 - Donald Fowler, PSU Extension (Retired) (PA)

2006 - Mike McDonald, CSFM, Turf Manager, University of Minnesota (MN)

2005 - Floyd Perry, Owner, Grounds Maintenance Services, Orlando (FL)

2004 - Steve LeGros, GCA Service at the University of New Hampshire (NH)

2003 - Pat White, City of Hollywood (FL)

2002 - Eric Adkins, CSFM, Michigan State University (MI)

2001 - Heather Nabozny, Detroit Tigers (MI)

2000 - By Hanson, Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)

1999 - G.C. (George) Trivett, Granite Falls Middle School (NC)

1998 - Ross Kurcab, Denver Broncos (CO)

1997 - Merton Johnson, Cal State/Fullerton (CA)

Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Roster for current listing

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