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2013 Dr. William H. Daniel Award


fresenburgdanielThe Dr. William H. Daniel Award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the sports turf industry through his or her research, teaching or extension outreach. The influence of these individuals in the industry may be highly visible or behind the scenes. The award was presented to Dr. Brad Fresenburg, professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Several of Brad's colleagues have described him as the “glue” at the University of Missouri, the one constant that holds everything together. This is just one accolade, of many, that he has received that illustrates both his willingness to work “in the trenches” and stand up as an advocate for the turfgrass science academic community when it is needed most.

An associate of Brad's asked past students of his to describe him in their own words. They used words like “dedicated,” “caring,” “committed,” “always someone to count on,” “not just a mentor but a friend for life.”

Brad is known at the University of Missouri, throughout the community, throughout the state, and throughout the Midwest as one of the preeminent experts in turfgrass science. He is both highly visible and often behind the scenes for his scholarship, for his two decades of teaching and mentoring, and for his commitment to STMA and advancing the profession. 

Brad (right) is pictured with the 2012 winner, Dr. Beth Guertal.

Dr. William H. Daniel Award Winners

2013 - Dr. Brad Fresenburg, University of Missouri-Columbia (MO)

2012 - Dr. Beth Guertal, Auburn University (AL)

2011 - Dr. Leah Brilman, Seed Research of Oregon (OR)

2010 - John Sorochan, Ph.D., University of Tennessee (TN)

2009 - Tony Koski, Ph.D., Colorado State University (CO) 

2008 - Grady Miller, Ph.D., North Carolina State University (NC) 

2007 - Michael Goatley, Jr., Ph.D., Turfgrass Specialist, Virginia Tech University (VA) 

2006 - James McAfee, Ph.D., Extension Turfgrass Specialist, Texas A&M (TX) 

2005 - Jeff Fowler, Penn State Cooperative Extension (PA)

2004 - A.J. Powell, Jr., Ph.D., University of Kentucky (KY)

2003 - Pam Sherratt, Ohio State University (OH)

2002 - David Gilstrap, Ph.D., Michigan State University (MI)

2001 - Coleman Ward, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Auburn University (AL)

2000 - Andrew McNitt, Ph.D., Penn State University (PA)

1999 - Donald Waddington, Ph.D., Penn State University (PA)

1998 - Steve Cockerham, University of California/Riverside (CA)

1997 - James Beard, Ph.D., International Sports Turf Institute (TX)

1996 - Kent Kurtz, Ph.D., (deceased) Cal Poly Pomona (CA)

1994 - Dave Minner, Ph.D., Iowa State University (IA)

1993 - John N. "Trey" Rogers, III, Ph.D., Michigan State University (MI)

1992 - Henry Wilkinson, Ph.D., University of Illinois (IL)

1991 - Steve Cockerham, University of California/Riverside (CA)

(Note: The William H. Daniel Award was known as the Excellence in Research Award prior to 1997.)

Facility listed is where employed at time of award. Check Roster for current listing

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