Conference Education

Conference Education 

Here you have access to presentations and handouts from STMA National Conference education sessions from 2010-2013.  Make sure to take advantage of these continuing education opportunities to improve your expertise and professionalism!  

Recorded Education Sessions:

2015 STMA Conference - Denver, CO
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2014 STMA Conference - San Antonio, TX
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2011 STMA Conference - Austin, TX

Conference education sessions are now available for FREE from the 2011 conference.  Click here to access all of the sessions (You must be an STMA member to access the sessions for free.  Click on Multimedia after logging in to Members Only to view the sessions).

Conference Presentations and Handouts

PowerPoint presentations and related handouts and articles are provided by our conference speakers each year.  The materials have been provided here for your convenience.  The conference year is provided prior to the session title.  The following presentations and handouts are organized by track:
Pest Control
Industry Developments
Professional Development
Facility Management
Money Saving

2013 - STMA 107 - The Reality of LEED Certified Landscape and Site Management
Speaker: Larry DiVito
2013 - STMA 111 - Strategies for Maintaining Turfgrass in Response to “No Pesticide” Legislation  
Speaker: Victoria Wallace 
2013 - STMA 215 - Phosphorus - Environmental Issues.
Speaker: Beth Guertal, Ph.D. 
2013 - STMA 217 – The Elements of Sustainable Sports Facilities: Systematically Applying Your Environmental Plans, Policies, and Practices
Internal Audit Checklist

EPA EMS Position Statement
Speakers: Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D., Jim Sluiter
2013 - STMA 304 - Simple Ideas for Greener Facility Management
Presentation Handout

Speaker: David Han, Ph.D. 
2012 - Perceived and Real Environmental Impacts of Phosphorus
Speakers: Dr. Gwen Stahnke, Washington State University - Puyallup, Dr. Elizabeth Guertal, Auburn University
2012 - A New Era In Sports Turf Management
Speakers: Kevin Mercer, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Jim Sluiter, Audubon International
2012Weed Control Without Synthetic Herbicides
Speaker: Dr. Douglas Linde, Delaware Valley College
2012 - Environmental and Economic Considerations of Nitrogen Fertilization
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Guertal, Auburn University
2011 - Managing Athletic Fields without Traditional Pesticides: Cultural, Organic, and Alternative Pest Management; Article 1; Article 2
Speaker - Eric Lyons, Ph.D. 
2011 - Sustainability 101 - Just What is Carbon Sequestration?
Mary Owen
2011 - Topdressing with Compost, A More Sustainable and Affordable Alternative 
Speaker: Marcela Munoz
2011 - Implementing an Environmental Stewardship Program for your Sports Facility
Speaker: David Minner, Ph.D.,
Jim Sluiter
2011 -
Reality Bites - What Organic Turf Management Regulations Would Mean
John Stier, Ph.D
2011 - Benefits of Turf in the Landscape
Joann Gruttadaurio
2011 - A Campus Moving Towards Sustainability ; John Wicker PowerPoint Presentation
Chris Brindley, John Wicker

2013 - STMA 106 - Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Sports Turf
Speaker: Bernd Leinauer, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 119 - Developing and Implementing Best Management Practices for Sports Field Water Conservation
BMP Checklist
Speakers: Clint Waltz, Ph.D., Kenny Pauley 

2013 - STMA 303 – Water Management to Improve Turf Performance
Speaker: Jack Fry, Ph.D. 
2013 - STMA 309 - Optimizing Sprinkler Uniformity with an Irrigation Audit
Irrigation Formula Handout

Speaker: Jeff Gilbert 

2012 - Sports Field Drainage - What Are Your Options?
Speaker: Ian Lacy, Institute of Groundsmanship
2012 - Irrigation Water Quality Evaluation and Management
Speaker: Dr. Ali Harvandi, University of California
2012 - Managing Turfgrasses During Drought
Speaker: Dr. Ali Harivandi, University of California
2011 - Irrigating Turf with Effluent/Salt Water
Jim McAfee, Ph.D.
2011 - Water Reduction 101 - An Audit Competition
Speakers: Michael Carr, Gordon Kunkle

2013 - STMA 102 - Making Plant Growth Regulators Work for You
Speaker: Thomas Serensits
2013 - STMA 104 - Zero Pesticide Athletic Turf Maintenance
PowerPoint Presentation
Speaker: John A. Halloran, SCPS

2013 - STMA 110 - 6 Steps To Transition An In-Play Cool Season Field to Bermudagrass
Speakers: Ryan Bjorn, Julie Adamski 
2013 - STMA 112 - 3 Keys To Providing High Quality, High Traffic Athletic Fields 
Speaker: Jerad Minnick
2013 - STMA 120 - Fire and Ice: Sports Turf Management in the Transition Zone
Speakers: Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D., Cale A. Bigelow Ph.D. 
2013 - STMA 121 - Back to Basics: Getting the Most from Your Granular Fertilizers
Speakers: Brad Jakubowski, Tom Samples, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 206 - Fertility Management for Sand-based Systems   
Speaker: Nick Christians, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 214 - European Field Maintenance at Real Madrid and Manchester United Football Clubs – Part One
Speaker: Simon Gumbrill 
2012 - Back to Basics: Maintaining Natural Grass on Native Soil 
Speaker: Brad Jakubowski, Doane College
2012 - Deciphering Your Soil Test
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Guertal, Auburn University
2012 - Turfgrass Physiology: Solar Radiation is the Driving Force of Sports Turf Management
Speaker: Dr. Karl Danneberger, Ohio State University
2012 - Kentucky Bluegrass – Monostand or Blend
Speaker: Dr. John “Trey” Rogers III, Michigan State University
2012 - Turfgrass Management in the Transition Zone ; Dr. John Sorochan Presentation
Speakers: Dr. A.J. Powell Jr., Retired – University of Kentucky, Dr. John Sorochan – University of Tennessee 
2012 - Sportsturf 101 - in Spanish - Cèspedes Deportivos 101- En español
Speaker: Jose Makk, Natura Turf
2012 - Variety Selection and Management of Tall Fescue for Sports Fields
Speaker: Brad Park, Rutgers
2011 - Sight Turfing: Use Your Turf Eyes to Take Your Field Management Skills to the Next Level 
Ross Kurcab, CSFM
2011 - Managing a Multi-Purpose Field: Turf Health in a High Traffic Environment ; Session Handout
Speaker -
Joshua Koss
2011 - Growing Sod in a Parking Lot
Brad Jakubowski  
2011 - Research You Can Use: Seedbanking, Seeding Rates, and Increased Nitrogen Fertility

Andrew Hoiberg 
2011 - The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty: Anatomy of an Infield Skin
Paul Zwaska, Grant McKnight, Tom Burns
2011 - Sports Turf Diagnostics
Richard White, Ph.D.
2011 - Integrating Seeded Bermudagrasses in Transition Zone Sports Turf Programs
Michael Richardson, Ph.D.

Pest Control
2013 - STMA 115 - Weed Control in Newly Established and Overseeded Areas
Speaker: Jim Brosnan, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 201 - New Strategies for Annual Bluegrass Control in Cool-Season Turfgrass
Speakers: Matt Elmore, Jim Brosnan, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 307 - Maintaining Sports Fields the Natural Way
Speaker: Brad S. Fresenburg, Ph.D. 
2013 - STMA 308 - Diagnosing Turf Problems
Speaker: Pamela Sherratt 
2012 - Reducing Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua) Populations in Cool Season Athletic Field Turf 
Speakers: Dr. Bruce Branham, University of Illinois, Matt Giese, Syngenta
2012 - Renovation Tip: Using Herbicides to Prevent Weeds During Seeding of Cool Season Turfgrasses
Speaker: Dr. Roch Gaussoin, University of Nebraska
2012 - Pesticides: Perception Versus Reality
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Vargas, Jr., Michigan State University
2012 - Insect Control Update for 2012: an ever changing effort!
Speaker: Dr. David Shetlar, Ohio State University
2012 - The Principles of Turfgrass Disease Diagnostics, Control Options, Modes of Action, and Fungicide Resistance
Speakers: Dr. Joseph Vargas, Jr., Michigan State University, Dr. Karl Danneberger, Ohio State University
2012 - Helpful or Harmful?  Stinging Insects...Oh! My!  What you didn't learn in turf school!
Speaker: Dr. David Shetlar, Ohio State University

2013 - STMA 210 - Synthetic Turf: What to Do When The Warranty Runs Out
Speaker – David Schlotthauer 
2013 - STMA 300 - Tackling the Issues with Synthetic Turf - What Does the Research Say?
Speaker: Thomas Serensits
2013 - STMA 310 - Tale of Two Fields; Synthetic vs. Natural
Speaker: Joshua Bertrand
2012 - Synthetic Turf: Concept, Design, Construction, Completion, Maintenance, and Lifecycle Planning ; Session Manual
Speaker: Mark Nicholls, Turf Industry Inc.
2012 - A Realistic Review of Maintenance Practices for Synthetic Turf Fields
Speaker: Mark Lucas, University of California – Davis
2012 - Synthetic Turf Removal, Reclamation, and Recycling
Speaker: Zach Burns, The Motz Group
2012 - Sustainable Athletic Fields and Related Environmental Issues
Speakers: Patrick Maguire, Activitas, David Nardone, Stantec Sport
2012 - Artificial Turf Painting and Removal
Speaker: Grant Davisson, Minnesota Vikings Football
2011 - Infill Maintenance from the Beginning
Shawn Mahonski
2011 - Synthetic Turf Baseball Fields: The Pros, Cons, and Maintenance of Next Generation Artificial
Robert Ralston

2013 - STMA 114 - Infield Soils: The Science Behind the Art
Speaker: Norman Hummel, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 118 - Infield Mixes A-Z
Speakers: Bill Deacon, Eric Blanton, Josh Turnour, Luke Yoder, Grant McKnight 
2013 - STMA 205 - Applying MLB Practices to Low Budget Facilities
Speakers: Eric Blanton, Bill Deacon
2013 - STMA 216 - K-16 Baseball Field Maintenance & Renovation With Limited Resources.
Speaker: Jim Reiner 
2012 - The Science of Skin Infields
Speakers: Clayton Hubbs, Stabilizer Solutions Inc., Barney Lopas, Angels Baseball Club, Grant Trenbeath, Arizona Diamondbacks
2012 - Infield Skin Maintenance from Little League to the Pros
Speaker: Bill Deacon, New York Mets
2012 - Paying Attention to Detail – Yearly Management at PETCO Park
Speaker: Luke Yoder, San Diego Padres
2012 - Understanding Pitching and Mound Maintenance at the College and Professional Level
Speaker: Larry DiVito, Minnesota Twins, Target Field

Industry Developments
2013 - STMA 100 – New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf
Speakers: UBU Sports, Inc., g2turftools, inc., Spectrum Technologies, Inc., Bulldog Field Equipment, Xtreme Turf Makeover, Wiedenmann North America, Performance Nutrition, PICKSEED, Campey Turf Care Systems
2013 - STMA 211 - Theory and Application of Technology for the Sports Field Manager
Speakers: J. Tim Vanini, Ph.D., Matt Anderson, CSFM
2013 - STMA 314 - Performance Testing of Sport Fields: Current and Future
Speaker: Robert Carrow, Ph.D.
2012 - New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf
Speakers: Representatives from STMA Commercial Companies
2012 - Basic Principles of Sports Injuries - Coupled Biomechanical-Epidemiological studies for the Assessment of ACL Injury Risk Part 1 ; Dynamic Neuromuscular Analysis Training: Techniques to Target the Athlete at High ACL Injury Risk Part 2 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 1 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 2
Speaker: Dr. Tim Hewett, Ohio State University
2012 - Top 10+ Monitoring Tools for Turf 
Speaker: Dr. Larry Stowell, PACE Turf, LLC
2012 - Remote Sensing Technology and Its Role in Sports Field Management
Speaker: Dr. Jason Kruse, University of Florida
2012 - The Use of Additional Light to Improve the Playing Quality in Stadiums
Speaker: Gerard van’t Klooster, SGL
2011 - Sports Turf Pest Control Update for 2011 - Dr. James Brosnan - PowerPoint Presentation ; Dr. David Shetlar - PowerPoint Presentation; Session Handout ; Dr. David Han - PowerPoint Presentation; Session Handout ; Janet Hurley - PowerPoint Presentation; Session Handout 
2011 - New Technology: Gadgets and Gizmos
Speakers - Doug Karcher, Ph.D., Michael Richardson, Ph.D.
2011 - New Fertilizer Technology
Speaker -
Elizabeth Guertal, Ph.D.
2011 - Using Turf Colorants for Green Turf
Grady Miller, Ph.D.
2011 - Sports Turf Injury Research - PowerPoint Presentation
Tom Serensits

Professional Development
2013 - STMA 109 - Keeping Your Home Life Growing
Speaker: Elizabeth T. Fasbender
2013 - STMA 113 - Hiring the Right Person 
Speaker: Patrick McGuiness

2013 - STMA 203 - Managing Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Staff
Speaker: Sarah K. Martin, CSFM
2013 - STMA 208 - New Challenges, Take Risks, and Achieve Goals
Speakers: Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Mike Andresen, CSFM 
2013 - STMA 212 - Communication and the Art of Conflict Resolution
Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC
2013 - STMA 218 - Being a NFL Sports Field Manager
Speaker: Darian Daily
2013 - STMA 219 – The Uncertain Path to Becoming an MLB Groundskeeper
Speakers: Luke Yoder, John Turnour
2013 - STMA 302 - Living with Integrity
Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC 

2012 - The “Real” Story of Being an NFL Sports Field Manager
Speaker: Darian Daily, Paul Brown Stadium
2012 - What it Takes to be a MLB Field Maintenance Manager
Speaker: Larry DiVito, Minnesota Twins, Target Field
2012 - Internships: Attracting Great Interns and Landing the Internship of Your Dreams
Speaker: Dr. Douglas Linde, Delaware Valley College
2012 - Managing the Problem Employee
Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC, New River Valley Community Services
2012 - The Certification Process and Why You Should Become Certified
Speakers: Mike Andresen, CSFM, Iowa State University, Tim VanLoo, CSFM, Iowa State University
2011 - Market Yourself and Your Facility
Speaker -
Eric Fasbender, CSFM
2011 - So You Want to be an NFL Sports Field Manager?
Speaker -
Darian Daily
2011 - Field Maintenance is Only a Third of your Job
Amy Fouty, CSFM
2011 - 25 Years as a Sports Turf Manager - What I Wish I Had Known
Bob Campbell, CSFM
2011 - Maximizing Employee Relations
Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC

Facility Management
2013 - STMA 103 - The Importance of Safety and Potential Liabilities for the Sports Turf Manager
Speaker: David Schlotthauer 
2013 - STMA 108 - Athletic Field Use and Maintenance Planning
Field Use Policy
Sports Turf Traffic
Additional References

Speaker: Rebecca Auchter 
2013 - STMA 305 - Managing Professional Soccer Fields in Eastern Europe
Speaker: Philip Sharples
2013 - STMA 311 - Concert Setup and other special events, and still play tomorrow
Speaker: Chris Ralston 
2013 - STMA 316 - The Benefits from Using the PCI Assessment Tool
STMA PCI Frequently Asked Questions
Speaker: Kurt Nilsson
2012 -
Four-Inch Sand Cap Renovation and Grow-in
Speaker: John Netwal, CGCS, North Scott Community Schools
2012 -
If You Build it They Will Come, But How Do You Maintain It?
Speaker: Mike Trigg, CSFM, Waukegan Park District
2012 - Acquisition and Fleet Management
Speaker: Michael Nesdahl, The Toro Company
2012 - 
Disaster Management and Crisis Communication - Grant Davisson Presentation
Speakers: Steve Wightman, Qualcomm Stadium, Grant Davisson, Minnesota Vikings Football, Amy Fouty, CSFM, Michigan State University Intercollegiate Athletics
2012 - 
The Importance of Safety and Potential Liabilities for the Sports Turf Manager
Speaker: David Schlotthauer, Brigham Young University
Presentation Outline
Website Information
Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance
Soccer Goal Deaths and Injuries 1979-2011
Hazard Assessment Checklist
Supervisor's Incident Investigation Report
2012 -
Economic and Environmental Considerations in Today’s Sports Turf Management
Speaker: Mark Lucas, University of California – Davis
2012 - Using the Growth Regulator Trinexapac-ethyl on Bermudagrass Sports Fields
Speaker: Leif Dickinson, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
2012 -
How to Create a Zero Based Operating Budget
Speaker: Don Savard, CSFM, CGM, Salesianum School

Money Saving
Weather 101 - PowerPoint Presentation
Speaker: Brad Jakubowski
2011 - Doing More With What You Have (Or Less) for Sports Field Management
Tim Vanini, Ph.D.
2011 - How to be More Efficient and Effective in this Economy
David Rulli
2011 - Your Sports Field from Finance to Maintenance
Michael Tarantino
2011 - Turfgrass Strategies in a High School Economy

Kevin Shipman

2013 - STMA 116 - The National Mall Renovation: Design, Construction, Maintenance & Event Management
Speakers: Murray Cook, Norman Hummel, Ph.D., Erik Ervin, Ph.D.
2013 - STMA 207 - Building it Right ....... for all the Right Reasons
Speaker: Jim W. T. Plasteras 
2013 - STMA 312 - Converting from Cool Season to Warm Season Grass
Speaker: Darian Daily
2011 - Native Soil Field Improvement and Construction: Making the Best of What You Have
Jason Henderson, Ph.D., Chad Price, CSFM
2011 -
The Spartan Cap Athletic Field System ; Session Handout 
Speaker: Alexander Kowalewski, Ph.D.
2011 - The Sports Turf Managers Role in Planning, Design and Construction of a Sports Complex ; Session Handout
Mike Trigg, CSFM, Paul Wiese
2011 - How Two NFL Organizations Approached New Technology in Field Surfaces ; Allen Johnson, CSFM Presentation ; Brief History of Green Bay Packers' Fields
Nick Fedewa, Allen Johnson, CSFM
2011 - Turf on the Frozen Tundra - Building Fields for the Green Bay Packers
Speakers: Ellen Davis, Allen Johnson, CSFM, Andrew McNitt, Ph.D., Brian Storm, David Anderson
2011 - The First Year of the Philadelphia Union Field
Jason Bowers, CSFM

2013 - STMA 209 - Shoe-Turf Interaction, Injury Risk, and Performance of Elite Athletes  
Speaker: Richard Kent, Ph.D. 
2012 - Basic Principles of Sports Injuries - Coupled Biomechanical-Epidemiological studies for the Assessment of ACL Injury Risk Part 1 ; Dynamic Neuromuscular Analysis Training: Techniques to Target the Athlete at High ACL Injury Risk Part 2 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 1 ; Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes Part 2
Speaker: Dr. Tim Hewett, Ohio State University
2011 - Sports Turf Injury Research - PowerPoint Presentation
Speaker: Tom Serensits


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