Commercial Companies

Commercial Companies

The support of commercial partners is critical to STMA’s success. So much so that STMA includes two commercial members on its Board of Directors.

Practitioner members rely on commercial companies to provide products, equipment and technology to make their jobs easier. Sports turf managers also seek to do business with those companies that support STMA.

STMA provides exceptional access to its sports turf managers for commercial members. Membership can open the door to greater market share. Here’s how:

Free listings in the STMA Sourcebook, the industry’s comprehensive online publication for products, equipment and services

Discounted booth space at the Annual STMA Conference and Exhibition

Discounts for advertising in SportsTurf magazine, the industry’s top professional magazine

Opportunity to be recognized with an Innovative Award 

Click here for information on the benefits of membership and joining STMA. To learn more on available sponsorship opportunities please contact Eric Maydew at 800-323-3875 or email at

Interested in learning about the sports turf manager? Access the STMA member profile.

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