August 2009


Turfgrass Cultivars for Water-Limited Environments 

Studies demonstrate that selecting appropriate cultivars can have significant impact on turf responses to long term drought stress. A delay in drought stress response could affect supplemental irrigation requirements. 

The 2-Minute Tip for Success

Learn the one Power Word and three Power Phrases that Persuade 

How persuasive are you? Understanding the trigger words you can use to persuade someone can be very helpful to your career. These words are easily accepted and received by the brain and increase the likelihood of a positive response. 

Try out these words when you are seeking approval to attend the STMA annual conference! 

News You Can Use

Introducing a Member Benefit that We Hope You Never Need 

STMA is introducing a new membership benefit that we hope you’ll never need to use – the extension of your STMA membership at no cost to you, if you lose your job. In this economy and with the national unemployment rate at a record high, we know that organizations are cutting back, which could adversely affect your job security. 

STMA stands behind its members and will assist any member in any category who loses his or her job by continuing their STMA membership, at no charge for six months. This benefit relies on the ‘honor system’, and if you become employed during this six month-period, the association assumes that you will pay your regular membership dues. 

This membership extension allows you access to very important job search benefits on the Members Only side of the web site. You’ll be able to view job listings, post your resumé, access career information and actively network with your peers using the on-line STMA Membership Directory. Your membership continues seamlessly, with all rights and privileges of your membership category. STMA’s membership year is calendar based, January through December. As this year draws to a close, if you are affected by a job loss, please call STMA to activate this benefit. 

There are very few rules. You must have been a member of STMA for at least one year. If you have not found employment after six months, STMA will offer an Affiliate Membership to you at the $50 member rate. 

The Membership Committee created this program and recommended its adoption to the STMA Board of Directors, who approved it at its Summer Board meeting. The Membership Committee members include Chairman David Pinsonneault, CSFM, CPRP, Darin Budak, CSFM, Joe Collins, CSFM, Stephen Crockett, CSFM, Alan Dungey, Dale Edmonds, Tony Leonard, Bob Marcotte, Nick McKenna, Marc Moran, David Reiss, Matt Tobin, and Jack Wasserbach. 

6 New Educational Resources! 

STMA Conference Provides a 1,375% Return On Investment 
Provide to your employer an 
in-depth case study on the return on investment (ROI) that your facility could receive by your attendance at the 2010 STMA National Conference in Orlando, Florida. The ROI case study was developed using a typical attendees’ consumption of education at the 2009 conference in San José, with costs and cost savings detailed and inserted into the standard formula for calculating ROI. 

The ROI of 1,375 percent is unrivaled in today’s world of rising costs and declining value. Savvy employers who seek ways to improve the bottom line should embrace funding your attendance to the 2010 conference. Provide this important piece to your employer to gain his or her support of your attendance. The educational programs scheduled for the 2010 conference are expected to have the same or a greater return on investment. Don’t miss this valuable learning opportunity! 

Understanding Soil Tests 
Soil test results can sometimes be confusing. STMA has developed 
this resource as a basic guide to help interpret what your soil’s pH, nutrient requirements, CEC and base saturation all mean on the test results. 

Strategies for Managing Heavily Used Fields 
Managing a heavily-used athletic field can be a daunting task. While you may do your best to limit the number of events, the reality is that many times your field will host more activities than it can handle under your normal maintenance practices. As athletic field managers, we are faced with maintaining quality playing conditions regardless of intensity of use. STMA has developed 
this resource for successful management of heavily-used fields. 

Field Management During a Drought 
Managing turf during drought conditions can be extremely frustrating for sports turf managers. It is important to prepare your field and have a management plan for drought conditions before the weather turns dry. STMA has developed 
this resource to address some management techniques you can use to get your turf through drought conditions. 

Professional Resources 
Staying organized and maintaining accurate records for all aspects of your facility is essential for a successful program. John Netwal, CGCS, Director of Operations at North Scott Community School District, has created extensive records to keep track of field maintenance, equipment, budget, and employees. STMA has taken these records and created 
worksheets you can adapt to your facility to help organize daily and annual operations. 

Irrigation and Drainage 
Irrigation and drainage are key components to any athletic field management program to maintain turfgrass health. STMA has added 
information to the website to help you understand how your field’s rootzone affects water availability and water tables. Proper irrigation amounts and frequency, and drainage solutions are also provided. 

Move over Disney World… 

STMA’s annual conference is reinventing innovation for the sports turf industry! At the January 2010 conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Conventions Center, Jan. 12-15, you will find a comprehensive educational program taught by respected academics and experienced peers. Combine these presentations with hands-on learning opportunities and special networking venues, and you will be immersed in a learning experience that will help you lead your sports facility to the next level. There is no other conference that offers this concentration of applied industry research, best management practices and real solutions to sports field managers. 

Same Cost – Increased Value 
STMA has held the registration fees to the same as in 2009, and has added a full day of Pre-Conference Workshops on Wednesday, Jan. 13, at no additional cost. Attend Managing Athletic Fields with Reduced or No Irrigation; Athletic Field Drainage; Creating Designs on Turf; Managing Warm Season Athletic Fields; Weather 101; and Developing a Winning Field of the Year Presentation during the day on Wednesday. 

STMA Selects Award Winning Sportswriter as Keynote Presenter 
STMA is pleased to announce that award winning Kansas City Star sports columnist Joe Posnanski will be the Keynote Presenter at the 2010 Conference. 

Posnanski has been sports columnist at The Kansas City Star since 1996 and has twice been named the best sports columnist in America by The Associated Press Sports Editors, garnering top-five recognition three other times. He has written three cover stories for Sports Illustrated in 2009 and is a featured columnist for Posnanski also maintains his blog, Curiously Long Posts, which can be found 

His first book, The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O’Neil’s America, was the winner of the prestigious 2007 Casey Award as baseball book of the year. Soul was also named one of the ten best sports books of 2007 by Booklist and was called “engaging and spirit-lifting” by Sports Illustrated. Joe’s next book is scheduled to be released September 9, 2009 and is titled The Machine: A Hot Team, a Legendary Season, and a Heart-stopping World Series: The Story of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. 

Prior to his career at the Star, Joe was a sports columnist at The Cincinnati Post and The Augusta Chronicle, and he began his career at The Charlotte Observer. Joe grew up in Cleveland and he now lives in Kansas City with his wife and their two daughters. 

Look for more information on our Opening General Session in next month's newsletter. See you in Orlando! 

Workshop Takes a Break 
The long-running Saturday Workshop, traditionally hosted by sports turf managers from the MLB, NFL, and MLS, is on hiatus for 2010 as the Conference Education Committee and these sports turf managers explore restructuring the event to include more interactive learning opportunities. Look for a new workshop to debut in 2011 in Austin! 

New Workshop to be held on the Trade Show Floor 
Learn the intricacies of calibrating a drop spreader, rotary unit and a multi-nozzle boom sprayer during a new workshop on the trade show floor. It will be held twice: on Thurs., Jan 14 and Fri., Jan. 15 during the hours that the trade show is open. You will be able to take back handouts to share with your crew. 

Registration Form Now Available 
Look for your conference brochure on-line and on your desk in October. If you would like to register before October, a 
Registration Form is available now. You will need to print out the form and fax (785-843-2977) or mail it to STMA. 

Volunteer by Aug. 31 

Interest Form for members to be considered for the STMA Board of Directors Slate of Candidates is due to STMA by Aug. 31. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your leadership expertise or to nominate a deserving peer. For more information on the positions available, click here 

Are you a Member of an STMA-Affiliated Chapter? 

STMA has introduced a new benefit for its Affiliated Chapters that could benefit you – a complimentary conference registration to the annual conference. Each chapter will be issued a free conference registration to use as the chapter chooses to award. Some chapters are using it as an incentive to drive chapter meeting attendance, others plan to use it to send a chapter member to the conference who has never been, and others plan to ensure a chapter officer attends the Chapter Officer Training session. Help your chapter develop the process to award this free conference registration. 

STMA’s International Efforts are Formalized 

STMA has always had a small, but dedicated group of international members. These members have been seeking ways to organize their peers in their countries to better share information and advance the profession of sports turf management. 

A Subcommittee of the STMA Chapter Relations Committee has been working this spring on a model that will allow STMA to recognize international groups. They developed an adaptation of an STMA chapter that allows these groups to operate in the spirit of an STMA chapter, but without the legal complexities of affiliating with STMA. Their recommendation to create International Affiliate Organizations was presented to the Board at its summer meeting and it was approved for implementation. International is defined as any country outside of the U.S. and its territories. To be recognized as an STMA International Affiliate Organization, the group: 

• must be recognized as a business entity in their country and provide proof to STMA annually; 
• develop bylaws or other governing documents; and 
• elect a Board of Directors. 

STMA will not charge fees for this recognition, will share information and resources, list the organizations on the website, provide one membership to the President of each group, and will offer to these groups conference registration and education and training resources at STMA member rates. 

STMA believes that reaching out to sports turf managers in other countries will strengthen the profession and provide a shared channel for learning that will benefit sports turf managers worldwide. 

As part of the implementation process, the Board has asked the Membership Committee to explore developing an International Membership Category. 

Members of the Chapter Relations Subcommittee include Chair Amy Fouty, CSFM, Chris Brindley, Dick Buelter, Mike Estlinbaum, Gerald Landby, Mark Lucas, Kevin Meredith, CSFM and Ben Polimer. 

Field of the Year Awards Application Updated, Now Available Online 

Now is the perfect time to begin preparing your STMA Field of the Year Application. The deadline for materials to be received at STMA headquarters is Thursday, October 15, 2009. 
Click here to download a PDF of the application. It is also available in a Word document here

STMA’s prestigious Field of the Year program is in its 18th year and is getting stronger every year. With record numbers of applicants the last two years, competition is stiff! But with hard work and diligence, each and every STMA member has a field that could become Field of the Year. STMA presents awards in baseball, softball, football, soccer, and sporting grounds categories at the Schools and Parks, College and University, and Professional levels. 

Each Field of the Year Award winner is presented with a special plaque at the STMA Awards Banquet, held each year at the STMA Conference and Exhibition. This year, the Awards Banquet will be the evening of Friday, Jan. 15, 2010 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. In addition to the plaque, each STMA Field of the Year winner will receive free conference registration, up to $500 towards lodging at the conference, STMA signature apparel, and a feature article in the official publication of STMA, SportsTurf Magazine. 

Take pride in your profession and submit your application for STMA Field of the Year and get recognition for your field and respect from your peers. Remember the deadline for materials to be received is Thursday, October 15, 2009. 

Feel free to contact Patrick Allen, Manager, Sales and Marketing, at if you have questions about the STMA Field of the Year program. 

International Resources