April 2014

STMA Featured in USA Today 

Expire....your membership that is. STMA's official drop date and time is midnight tonight, April 1.

Three scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each are available from the SAFE Foundation, made possible by the Toro Giving Program. To honor its centennial and Dr. James R Watson. 

Employee engagement, or the lack of it, is often cited as a major reason people leave their jobs.  

STMA’s 2015 Conference will take place in Denver, Colorado. Though this may seem early to think about conference sponsorships, existing slots are filling up fast.

Claim Your Name!

We need your name and your correct contact information before we publish the 2014-2015 STMA Membership Directory. It will go to press on July 1.

SAFE Bowling Comes to Denver

The SAFE Board of Trustees is holding a bowling tournament in Denver at the annual STMA conference in place of its annual golf tournament. 

Professional soccer players from 6 teams competing in Major League Soccer during the 2011 season participated in a study comparing field surfaces.

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