Appointed Director At-Large

Randy Price, Tri-Tex Grass, Granbury, TX

Since 2004 Randy Price has been the President of Tri-Tex Grass, a sod production farm and installation company based in Granbury, Texas. Tri-Tex Grass has a strong commitment to the sports and golf industry in the state of Texas. Randy has been a STMA member since 1997 and has supported many Professional Turf Managers across the South with quality sod and services for their facilities. Along with supporting STMA, Randy has served on Boards of most all turfgrass related groups in Texas including the State Chapter of STMA, the Texas Turfgrass Assn and the Texas Sod Producers Assn. Randy was appointed in 2016 by President Salmond to fill a vacancy for the Commercial Director position.

Since my first conference in 1997, I have been amazed by the work ethic and desire of turfgrass managers to provide beautiful and safe fields for others to use and enjoy. As a commercial member I appreciate the opportunity to provide quality products knowing that so much effort will be taken to insure that our products will not only be maintained but also enhanced. With that said, if we all continue to share ideas and use technology available, we collectively can provide the tools needed to support natural grass and artificial fields and be good stewards of the of the environment we have been blessed with. It is my desire that STMA can educate others on the importance of Professional Turf Managers.


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