2016 Conference Education

2016 Conference Education

Recorded Conference Education Sessions

STMA is partnering with IntelliQuest Media again to record educational sessions at the 2016 conference.  All education sessions will be audio recorded and synchronized with PowerPoint presentations. 
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       -  Thumb drives for a hard copy backup are $50
   -   If you were unable to attend the conference, you may still benefit from the education sessions:
       -   All access subscription - $159
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Tues., Jan. 19 - STMA Academy

2:30 - 5 pm

Crisis Communications for Sports Turf Managers - Speakers: Scott Boyle and Brandon Horvath, Ph.D. - University of Tennessee - Preview this conference education session
Session Worksheet

Reducing Inputs and Enhancing Turf Performance Through Site Specific Management - Speakers: Gerald Henry, Ph.D. and Chase Straw - University of Georgia

Developing and Implementing Best Management Practices for Sports Field Water Conservation - Speakers: Clint Waltz, Ph.D. - University of Georgia and Mark Holder - Roswell Recreation & Parks Department - Preview this conference education session

Plant Soil Interactions - Part 1 - Part 2
- Speaker: Nick Christians, Ph.D. - Iowa State University - Preview this conference education session

Optimizing Mowing and Application Equipment Performance Through Sound Maintenance Practices - Speaker: Jim Nedin - Jim Nedin Consulting Services
This presentation will highlight optimizing the performance of reel and rotary mowers as well as pesticide and fertilizer application equipment.  Frequent maintenance of mowing equipment through proper setup, adjustments and maintenance will promote healthy turfgrass.  Accurate calibration of pesticide and fertilizer application equipment will ensure application accuracy and minimize environmental impacts.
Calibration Workbook
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Broadcast & Drop Spreader - Application Rate Calculator
Sprayer - Application Rate Calculator

Wed., Jan. 20

8 - 9:30 am

Opening General Session
This year we feature emerging research related to sports turf injuries. Three 20 minute presentations will introduce the research industry leaders are conducting to improve athlete safety.  Presenters include: Richard Kent, Ph.D., Daniel Russell, Ph.D., and Joel Stitzel, Ph.D.

9:45 - 10:45 am

Warm-Season Turf, Cool-Season Turf…Why Not Both? - Speaker: Brian Winka, CSFM - City of Chesterfield Parks Department

Sports Turf Management, Past, Present, and Future - Speaker: Bob Campbell, CSFM - Retired, University of Tennessee

Is Your Facility Safe? - Speaker: Scott Bills, CSFM - Sports Field Solutions, LLC

Truth: Organics vs. Synthetics - Speaker: Jason Bowers, CSFM - Glenstone Foundation

Managing the Drought as a Public Entity - Speaker: Chris Ralston - San Juan Unified School District
California is experiencing the worst drought in history.  This session will provide information on scheduling irrigation as part of a large public entity across several properties to meet state mandates.  Discussion will also include action items taken in 2014, results from that time period, and adjustments for 2015 with results.

New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf - Speakers: Representatives from STMA Commercial Companies: Intelligro, TerraMax, Barenbrug, EarthWay, GT Air Inject Inc., Matrax, Atlas Turf International, Aquatrols, Natural Grass, Stadium Grow Lighting

11 am - 12 pm

Who's Afraid of Calculations? - Speaker: Samuel Doak - Virginia Tech

Weather Apps: Great Tools for Successful Fields - Speaker: Brad Jakubowski - Doane College

Tournament Field Preparation for Parks and Recreation Facilities - Speaker: Neil Cathey - SSC Services for Education

Renovations and Replacement of McLeod Athletic Park Synthetic Turf Sportsfield - Speaker: Tab Buckner - Township of Langley Parks Dept.

Inside Herbicides - Speaker: Matt Elmore, Ph.D. - Texas A&M University

Russell picAt the Crack of the Bat - The Science of Wood Baseball Bats - Speaker: Daniel Russell, Ph.D. - Graduate Program in Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University

Professional baseball is played with wood bats only.   In this presentation we will trace the history and use of different types of wood baseball bats used by MLB players. High speed video will be used to discuss the bat-ball collision and the reasons bats break.   Recent studies on the performance and durability of wood bats will be summarized and the current status of MLB wood bat regulations will be explained. 

2 - 3:15 pm

Providing for Fertility: Products, Programming and Environmental Protection - Speaker: Mary Owen - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Preparing for Your Next Career Move - Speaker: Carole Daily - Daily HR Solutions

Overseeding Selections and Practices to Increase the Performance of Your Field - Speakers: Matt Hollan - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Nick Christians, Ph.D. - Iowa State University - Preview this conference education session

Managing Renovations In-House - Speakers: Matt Anderson, CSFM - The University of Arizona and Amy Fouty, CSFM - Michigan State University

Shedding Light on Athletic Field Paint and the Turfgrass Response - Speakers: Grady Miller, Ph.D. and Drew Pinnix - North Carolina State University

Virtual Human Models for Biomechanics of Injury Mitigation and Prevention - Speaker: F. Scott Gayzik, Ph.D. - Wake Forest University
This talk will focus on computational human body models and their place in the realm of injury prediction, mitigation and prevention. In the automotive and military realms such models are becoming more advanced and augmenting anthropomorphic test devices, or crash test dummies, for this type of work. Manufacturers use them for product development prior to, or in conjunction with physical testing. We will discuss their application in these areas and their challenges and potential for application to sports.

3:30 - 5 pm

High Traffic and High Expectations - Speaker: Matthew Arms - Spartanburg County Parks Department
Presentation Outline  
Speaker Notes

Managing "The Field" Within the Field - Speaker: Ryan Adams - Iowa State University - Preview this conference education session

Advanced Weed Control for Athletic Field Turf - Speakers: Gerald Henry, Ph.D. - University of Georgia and Jared Hoyle, Ph.D. - Kansas State University - Preview this conference education session

Irrigation Water Testing and Interpretation: Case Studies from the Field - Speakers: Justin Quetone Moss, Ph.D. and Chrissie Segars - Oklahoma State University

The Battle of Trenton: A Debate Over Safe Playing Fields - Speakers: Rich Watson - Deptford Township Schools and Scott Bills, CSFM - Sports Field Solutions, LLC

Richard KentShoes and Surfaces: Partners in the Reduction of Injury Risk for Elite Athletes - Speaker: Richard Kent, Ph.D. - University of Virginia
This presentation will review the ongoing research and evaluation studies being performed by the NFL Foot & Ankle Committee, including shoe traction and bending behaviors, turf mechanics, and the fundamental biomechanics of foot and ankle injuries. 

5:15 - 6:15 pm

STMA Networking Sessions
Meet with your peers during this formalized networking session. Each category of membership meets separately to share issues and practical solutions.

Thurs., Jan. 21

8 - 9:15 am

Prioritizing the Little Things That Make the Big Picture - Speaker: TJ Brewer, CSFM - Burlington Bees

Growing Grass from Real Madrid to Green Bay Packers with Innovative Technology - Speaker: Simon Gumbrill - Stadium Grow Lighting

Natural Grass Fields - From Construction to Performance and Perception - Speakers: Brad Fresenburg, Ph.D. - University of Missouri and Michael Munie - Perfect Play Fields and Links
Natural grass fields have historically been perceived as poor performers since the influx of synthetic fields.  It’s not that natural grass fields are bad, perform poorly, or are unsafe; construction and maintenance constraints may contribute to a poorly performing surface.  This session will discuss perceptions of natural grass fields and the benefits of a playing surface that can be playable and safe in a public culture wanting everything natural.  Preview this conference education session

Should You Fraze Mow? - Speaker: Darian Daily - Paul Brown Stadium

Finding Happiness in a Stressful World - Speaker: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC - The Cascade Group

Poa annua Control in Sports Turf Areas - Speaker: Nick Christians, Ph.D. - Iowa State University - Preview this conference education session

9:30 - 10:45 am

Field Specifications - Construction & Renovation Planning - Speaker: Michael Boekholder - Philadelphia Phillies

Cost Analysis & Recordkeeping - What do BMP's Actually Cost You? - Speaker: Troy McQuillen - Kirkwood Community College

Evaluating a Hybrid (Natural and Synthetic) Athletic Field System - Speakers: John Sorochan, Ph.D. and Adam Thoms, Ph.D. - University of Tennessee

Creating and Correcting a Sports Field Construction Disaster - Speaker: Richard White, Ph.D. - Texas A&M University
Sand-based sports field construction is a science.  Particle size distribution of sands influences the performance or physical characteristics of the end product.  Both are important considerations in determining the depth of the sand root zone.  This presentation will use a case study to help sports field managers understand basic soil physics principles, recognize important root zone specifications, and how to apply quality assurance standards for root zone materials in order to avoid construction disasters.

Protecting Your Turf - Managing High Event Loads - Speaker: Matt Hollan - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Keys to Success in Media Interviews - Speaker: John Fech - University of Nebraska - Lincoln

11 am - 12 pm

Feature Speaker - Timothy Gay, Ph.D. - University of Nebraska - Preview this education session

Gay photo

Turf, Sports, Physics, Concussions, and the Kitchen Sink
This talk will discuss the central element of turf in a variety of sports, with an emphasis on American football.  While many injuries in sports are caused by turf, the careful design and installation of a turf surface can reduce injuries significantly.  We will discuss the basic physics of turf impacts, and the role they play in the current debate over concussions.

Fri., Jan. 22

8 - 10 am

Baseball Panel - Panelists: Matthew Arms - Spartanburg County Parks Department; Michael Boekholder - Philadelphia Phillies; TJ Brewer, CSFM - Burlington Bees; Neil Cathey - SSC Services for Education

Football Panel - Panelists: Darian Daily - Paul Brown Stadium; Amy Fouty, CSFM - Michigan State University; Tony Leonard - Philadelphia Eagles; Andrew McNitt, Ph.D. - Penn State University; John Sorochan, Ph.D. - University of Tennessee; Tim VanLoo, CSFM - Iowa State University

University Research Update Panel - Panelists: Brad Fresenburg, Ph.D. - University of Missouri; Mike Goatley, Ph.D. - Virginia Tech; Gerald Henry, Ph.D. - University of Georgia; Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D. - Brigham Young University; Alec Kowalewski, Ph.D. - Oregon State University; Jason Kruse, Ph.D. - University of Florida; Justin Quetone Moss, Ph.D. - Oklahoma State University; Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. - University of Kentucky; Brad Park - Rutgers University; Barry Stewart, Ph.D. - Mississippi State University; Adam Thoms - University of Tennessee; Kai Umeda - University of Arizona; Victoria Wallace - University of Connecticut

Soccer Panel - Panelists: Jason Bowers, CSFM - Glenstone Foundation; Simon Gumbrill - Stadium Grow Lighting; John Torres - Global Spectrum - Philadelphia Union; Brian Winka, CSFM - City of Chesterfield Parks Department

Extreme Weather Panel - Panelists: Jeff Salmond, CSFM - University of Oklahoma; Brad Jakubowski - Doane College; Chris Ralston - San Juan Unified School District; Ryan Adams - Iowa State University; Craig Potts – Texas A&M University

Innovative Sessions
10 am
An Update on European Turf Developments - Speaker: Dott. Massimiliano Del Viva, Ph.D. - Greenlab Studio Agronomi

10:30 am
Technology in the Sports Turf Industry - Speaker: Mike D’Ascanio - Groundskeeper Tech

11 am
Colorant Formulations, Uses, and Science for Turfgrasses - Speakers: Gordon Kauffman, III and Gary Grigg - Grigg Brothers

11:30 am
Aeration / Different Types / Relation Body to Agronomy - Speaker: Glen Black - GT Airinject Inc.

1:30 - 3 pm

Balancing Work and Family - Speakers: Lisa Goatley, MS, LPC - The Cascade Group and Mike Goatley, Ph.D. - Virginia Tech
Careers in the sports turf industry present challenges in maintaining an appropriate balance between work and family life.  Jobs in this industry are prone to have very long and unpredictable hours under very stressful mental and physical conditions.  It is not uncommon for family relationships to suffer when work demands are high.  This presentation will detail numerous skills and strategies that one can implement to achieve healthy relationships at both work and home.

John Mascaro's Photo Quiz Comes Alive - Speaker: John Mascaro - Turf-Tec International


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