2014 Conference Education

2014 Conference Educational Materials

STMA is partnering with IQ Media to record education sessions this year.  CLICK HERE to order conference education sessions.

In addition to conference recordings, speaker presentations and handouts are also available below;

Tuesday, January 21

2:30-5 pm 
STMA 400 - Evaluation and Preparation of Fields for Heavy Use – Grady L. Miller, Ph.D.
STMA 401 - What Are Your Weeds Telling You? – Gerald Henry, Ph.D.
STMA 402 - Playability and Safety of Bermudagrass Sports Fields – Philipe C. F. Aldahir
STMA 403 - Understanding Our Changing Weather and Climate Additional Slides - Weather Websites - Pre-Quiz - Brad Jakubowski
STMA 404 - Developing and Implementing Best Management Practices for Sports Field Water Conservation –Kenny Pauley, Kent Dickerson

Wednesday, January 22

8-9:15 am
General Session with Keynote
     Introductory Remarks – Dr. Mike Goatley, Jr.
     History of STMA and the Conference – Steve Wightman
     Where we are today – the 2014 Conference – Jeff Fowler
     Keynote – Dr. Rick Rigsby

9:30-10:45 am
STMA 100 - Improving Plant Performance with Plant Protection Products – Brandon Horvath, Ph.D.
STMA 101 - Why Research Matters to Field Managers – Grady L. Miller, Ph.D.
STMA 102 - Making the Impossible Possible: Seed to Playing in 35 Days – Julie Adamski, Ryan Bjorn
STMA 103 - Bridging the Generation Gap in the Turf Industry – Joel Rieker , Tim VanLoo, CSFM
STMA 104 - Safe Playing Fields: IPM, Legislation, and the Sports Turf Manager IPM Worksheet -  Rich Watson
STMA 105 - The History of STMA and the Annual Conference – Part 1 - Mike Schiller, Greg Petry, Steve Wightman

11 am - 12 pm
STMA 106 - Establishing Pest Thresholds on School Grounds Article - Spanish Translation (pg 44) -  Don Savard, CSFM, CGM
STMA 107 - Replacing your Synthetic Infill Playing Surface – Darian Daily
STMA 108 - Aerification Today…Methods and Styles to Help Improve Playing Conditions – Michael Hileman
STMA 109 - Complete Baseball Field Renovation – Keith Winter
STMA 110 - New Trends and Technology in Sports Turf
STMA 111 - The History of STMA and the Annual Conference – Part 2 - Mike Schiller, Greg Petry, Steve Wightman

2-3:15 pm
STMA 112 - Insect Control Update for Sport Fields – Current & Future Programs – David Shetlar, Ph.D.
STMA 113 - Changing Perceptions, Pushing Limits: Grass Fields Will Take More – Jerad Minnick
STMA 114 - The Lost Art of Communications – Jeffrey T. Fowler, Evan Fowler
STMA 115 - Shop / Tools / Tricks of the Trade to Improve Your Operation – Luke Yoder
STMA 116 - Trials and Tribulations of Building a New Sports Field Complex – Roger D. Havlak
Roger D. Havlak is the Parks Superintendent and Professional Turfgrass Consultant for City of San Angelo – Parks Department.  His presentation, “Trials and Tribulations of Building a New Sports Field Complex”, will provide useful information to individuals who are involved in the planning/design, construction, and maintenance of sports fields.  The focus will be on the important issues that need to be addressed in the specifications of a contract, how to avoid problematic issues, and demonstrate how turfgrass managers should play a vital role from the design phase through completion of the project.
STMA 117 - Synthetic In-fill: Compaction and Advancement in Relief Options – Chad Price, CSFM, CFB, Jason Sentell

3:30-5 pm
STMA 118 - Advanced Turf Disease Management: Maximizing Pesticide Applications to Improve Product Performance – Mike Fidanza, Ph.D.
STMA 119 - Bermudagrass Selection and Management for Athletic Field Performance and Safety in the Transition Zone – Adam Thoms , John Sorochan, Ph.D.
STMA 120 - Latest Trends in European Turfgrass - Massimiliano Del Viva; Marco Volterrani; Alessandro De Luca
STMA 121 - Understanding the Basics of Irrigation Design, Installation, and Troubleshooting – Lynda Wightman
STMA 122 - Reading the Tells - Learning How to Read Body Language Article - Jerry Balistreri
STMA 123 - Maintaining High School Athletic Fields on a Limited Budget - Bruce Whitehead, CMAA; Hugh McReynolds, CAA

Thursday, January 23

8-9 am 
STMA 200 - The CSFM Process Demystified - Tim VanLoo, CSFM
STMA 201 - Traffic Tolerance and Turf Recovery: It Just Doesn't Happen – Joseph K. Wipff, Ph.D.
STMA 202 - Using Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensors as a Part of an Integrated Approach to Managing Athletic Fields – Amy Fouty, CSFM
STMA 203 - Sports Field Performance Testing-G-Max and Beyond – Ross Kurcab, CSFM
STMA 204 - Managing Sports Fields without Conventional Pesticides – Eric M. Lyons, Ph.D.
STMA 205 - Reuse, Repurpose- Where's my synthetic going? – Chuck Klafka

9:15-10:15 am
STMA 206 - Keeping It Green While Being Green: Cutting-Edge Environmental Fertilization – Bryan G. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Bryan G. Hopkins, Ph.D., CPSSc is a Professor at Brigham Young University.  His presentation, “Keeping it Green While Being Green: Cutting-Edge Environmental Fertilization”, will discuss new research that shows optimal fertilization techniques and products for use in keeping turfgrass green while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts. 
STMA 207 - Bermudagrass Management – Kyley Dickson
STMA 208 - Cool-Season Turfgrasses for Sports Fields – Brad Park
STMA 209 - Arizona Stadium: 2 Years, 2 Renovations – Matt Anderson, CSFM
STMA 210 - Liability and Your Facility – Patrick D. McGuiness
STMA 211 - Managing Natural, Synthetic, and Sand-Based Turf in Extreme Weather Conditions - Phil McQuade

10:45 am - 12 pm
STMA 212 - 2013 Field of the Year Winners – 2013 FOY winners
STMA 213 - Renovation Practices at Real Madrid and Manchester United FC - Part 2 – Simon Gumbrill
STMA 214 - Infield Maintenance at Overbrook HS: Working With What We Have – Rich Watson
STMA 215 - Crumb Rubber Research and Real World Applications to Improve Athletic Fields – John Sorochan, Ph.D.
STMA 216 - Sustainability - Player Safety - Performance Testing Are Critical and Integrated Issues for Sport Fields – Gerald Henry, Ph.D., Chase Straw
STMA 217 -  Sports Fields as a Stormwater Best Management Practice – Rich Moffitt

8 am - 12 pm
Student Track:
STMA 218 -  Creating a New Career Path – Abby McNeal, CSFM
STMA 219 - Managing and Molding Tomorrow's Field Managers Today - Session Outline - Michael Boettcher
Michael Boettcher is the Grounds Manager for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.  His presentation, “Managing and Molding Tomorrow’s Field Managers Today”, will give student attendees a chance to discuss the opportunities that today's students and newly graduated aspiring Sports Turf Managers can gain through internships.  Steps that can be taken to get the most from your job experiences and the classroom will also be discussed. 
STMA 220 - Internships and How to Get the Most Out of Them – Zach Severns

Friday, January 24

8:30 -10 am
STMA 300 - Managing High Use Fields – Thomas J. Serensits
STMA 301 - Teaching the Basics of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties: The Analogy Lecture - Elizabeth Guertal, Ph.D.
STMA 302 - Water Quality and Soil Conditions – Nick Christians, Ph.D.
STMA 303 - Preventative, IPM, and Organic Management Systems for Schools and Municipalities – Brad Park
STMA 304 - Turfgrass Mathematics 101 – Additional Handout - Barry Stewart, Ph.D.

10 am - 12 pm
Innovative Sessions:
10:00 – STMA 305 - Traffic/Wear Tolerance of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass Cultivars – Melodee Fraser, Ph.D.
10:30 – STMA 306 - Technology Tools and Innovations for Groundskeepers – Michael D’Ascanio
11:00 – STMA 307 - Overseeding Species: Best Choices for Success – Kathleen Dodson
11:30 – STMA 308 - The Use of Grow Lights to Grow Grass Inside Stadiums - Luis Lauretti; Nico Van Vuuren  

1:15-3 pm
STMA 309 - John Mascaro’s Photo Quiz Comes Alive – John Mascaro 
John Mascaro is the President of Turf-Tec International.  His presentation, “John Mascaro’s Photo Quiz Comes Alive”, is a live version of the Photo Quiz article that has appeared each month in Golf Course Management Magazine since September 2002 and SportsTurf Magazine since 2006.  With over 200 photos that have appeared in the magazines since its inception, there will be photos of many different problems that occur on all sorts of turfgrass areas.  The live Photo Quiz is an interactive presentation with questions on what caused a particular turfgrass problem followed up by answers that tell what the problem was and how it was solved.  This live presentation is sure to put a smile on your face and also includes additional photographs that are not published in the magazines because of size limitations. 


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